Organizing and Maintaining Your Lawyer Blog

Your lawyer blog is like a mini-website and can be organized just like your main website. Part of this maintenance means ensuring your blogs are linking back to relevant articles and content on your main website. 

Because blog posts should be kept short, you can use them as samples or teasers to guide your readers to the more informative, meatier Web content contained in your article and video libraries.

The syndication of your posts is also a big part of the success of your lawyer blog. The more eyes that see your lawyer blog, the more established you become on the Internet as a source of trusted information. Make sure your blog posts allow readers who found your post through another website to easily view the rest of your blog entries as well as get to your main website.

Keeping your blog posts clearly categorized is important when clients are searching for specific information
. Your lawyer blog should have each post fall within a category (car accidents, dog bites, DUI defense, etc.) that mirrors your practice areas. This list of categories will appear on your main blog sidebar and allow clients to easily find information that is specific to their interests.

Using good keywords and organizational methods are just part of how you can help your lawyer blog work for you. For more tips on how blogging generates traffic for your website, check out my article. 

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