If it seems you can never have too many SEO tips for your legal website, you’re right. The web search algorithms are constantly changing, and you’ve got to stay with them to remain competitive.

One way to do this is to branch out your content. You may want to consider writing:

  • E-zine articles. One way to improve your web marketing is by offering to write articles for other websites, such as online magazines. Although you are providing information, you will likely have to pay for the privilege (your name and website will appear at the bottom, so there’s no denying it’s an advertisement). Just as on your website, your key phrases should be sprinkled throughout the content and each one should be hyperlinked to a different page of your website. The advantage of being published on someone else’s site is two-fold: the link sharing improves your search ranking, and human readers see you as a creditable source on the subject you’ve written about.
  • Brochures and presentations. These are more polished, longer-format materials that may be printed or simply read on the screen. They tend to be more detailed than regular website content, so you can include many more key phrases, offers, and calls-to-action—as long as they work with the content rather than distract from it. You may have separate links for each paper, presentation, or brochure, or you may offer them as free download in a PDF or PowerPoint format.
  • Press releases. These articles are supposed to present hard news to the consumer, so they should be used sparingly. Only use them if you have a bold announcement or major local event.

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