You may have heard talk about Google Panda, and you may be wondering if you should change your attorney website to adapt to Panda. We have good news for you, if you have followed Great Legal Marketing's advice and have an original, interesting and informative law firm website, then you have nothing to fear.

Panda is Google's latest search algorithm. The reason Panda has made news is that it weeds out sites with bad content and rewards sites with unique, interesting and relevant content. Because of this change, about 20 percent of all website were negatively affected by Panda. Some businesses failed because their websites were no longer being found.

What does Panda mean to your law firm?

If your law firm is reposting content from sites like AVVO, your website is at risk. However, if your legal website includes original, informative articles that answer your clients' questions, Panda will love you. Just make sure your articles are well-written; Google's Panda penalizes poor quality, so watch out for poor grammar and misspelled words.

Great Legal Marketing can help you create an internet marketing strategy that works for your law firm. To learn more about effective attorney marketing, contact Great Legal Marketing at 703-591-7829.

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