One of the things that makes lawyer marketing such an aggravating process is that people hire attorneys in a much different way than they hire investment bankers, accountants, or even doctors.

If an individual is diligent about his personal and financial health, he will make sure to have a trusted doctor whom he sees for yearly checkups, as well as an investment professional who manages his portfolio. A person doesn't (hopefully) choose a doctor when he's mortally ill or an accountant when he's won the lottery; he knows that he will need the services of these professionals on a regular basis, and it's best to get them on board sooner rather than later.

Not so with lawyers. In 99 percent of cases, a person will only hire an attorney when he has a problem: he wants to file a lawsuit, a lawsuit has been filed against him, he's just been struck by a car and wants to know what his legal rights are. Even if a person wanted to hire a lawyer in advance, “just in case,” that would be a worthless exercise: how could he know whether he needed a medical malpractice lawyer, a credit-card fraud lawyer, or some other specialty?

Because people hire lawyers only when they're in a tight spot, it's important to get most of your marketing done in advance, so that when the time is right that prospect will have your name uppermost in his mind. This process is time-consuming, to be sure, and in most cases that “seed” you plant in the prospective client's mind will never come to fruition. Still, you need to find new clients, and this is the tried-and-proven path.

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