Links to your legal web content can greatly improve your overall personal injury legal marketing plan. Understanding how linking works with an online law firm advertising strategy is the first step to maximizing its effectiveness. The following is a list of eight tips when using links with your web content:
  1. Match your anchor text — also known as the text link — to your key phrases selected for the web content.
  2. When linking internally to another web page on your website, link from the key phrase instead of the law firm name.
  3. Consider making reciprocal arrangements with competitor’s websites. The increased traffic and search ranking from the link can outweigh the potential loss of a website visitor due to links back to a competitor’s website. Keep in mind that if the competitor’s website is large and effective, the potential client likely would have come across it regardless of linking.
  4. Reach out to noncompetitive sites and ask for links to your website.
  5. Seek out as many outside sources to link to your web content as possible. Search rankings are largely popularity-based, so the more third party websites that link to your content, the better your search ranking will be.
  6. Avoid or minimize links to your content from external pages that already have several outbound links.
  7. Seek out links from external sites that are considered to have higher authority and that are known to be selective about the webpages to which they will link.
  8. Do not purchase links.

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