Internet-based communication monitoring allows attorneys to listen in on the conversations that occur between potential or existing clients and law firm staff. This information is extremely valuable, because it can be used to improve the firm’s legal marketing campaign.

To maximize effectiveness, though, monitoring should extend beyond the initial phone call made to the firm. Valuable firm resources are invested into attorney marketing strategies. Monitoring ensures that this investment is protected by moving callers beyond the initial step of reaching out to the firm. The following are helpful tips for using a web-based communications monitoring system:

  1. Think of communication monitoring as a “listening post” within your law firm.
  2. Utilize these listening posts in areas beyond just initial phone calls from potential clients; include communication between clients and attorneys as well.
  3. Understand that all forms of communication with potential and existing clients are sales moments that impact the relationship between the firm and the individual.
  4. Use web-based communication monitoring to determine whether clients are receiving a “wow experience” from your law firm.
  5. Determine whether communication with the law firm causes the relationship to progress, or whether it slows or stalls progress.
  6. Review communications to identify areas that need improvement and how this can be accomplished.
  7. Analyze communications to learn which legal marketing strategies are effective and which are not.

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