Mystery calls are valuable personal injury advertising ideas that allow your firm to experience exactly what potential clients experience when they contact the firm. Are they left with a “wow” impression, or are they underwhelmed? Mystery calls can help you make that determination. Attorney marketing campaigns are much less effective if the law firm does not communicate properly with potential and existing clients.

The following are some helpful tips for maximizing the effectiveness of a mystery call campaign:
  • Use organized, scripted scenarios when making mystery calls to gather the most useful information from the calls.
  • Inform law firm staff that mystery calls make take place in order to prevent feelings of mistrust.
  • Analyze the initial greeting with the caller, which represents the start of the relationship-building experience with the potential client.
  • Review how employees handle the transfer of potential or existing clients to other staff members to determine whether the transition is smooth and efficient.
  • Observe the communication that takes place once the next person begins interacting with the potential or existing client, because this step in the communication chain is equally as important to the initial call greeting.
  • Analyze the specific language, tone of voice, and pauses used with potential and existing clients to understand the overall impression that callers receive.
  • Continuously review your “script,” if one is used, to decide whether it is as effective as possible.

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