Creating an information response package for your small law firm that exceeds expectations is a great way to communicate the advantages of your firm in a multimedia format. One thing you’ll want to consider including is a well-produced lawyer interview audio CD. Some attorneys prefer to just talk to the listener directly from a script they’ve written beforehand, but interviews offer an opportunity for spontaneity and candor.

When building your questions for an interview, you might want to start with some basic questions the listener will have about what is involved in a personal injury case:
  • When might you consider filing a personal injury lawsuit?
  • Who is potentially liable in my a personal injury case?
  • What happens in a lawsuit?
  • What kind of damages might I be able to recover?
  • What are some tips on dealing with my insurance company?

Later, you can address issues specific to your firm. Stick to questions a potential client might have about working with your firm and stay away from boasting about personal accomplishments—you’ve already got their attention.
  • How long have you been in practice? Have you always practiced privately?
  • What kinds of cases do you take? What kinds of cases might you turn away?
  • How does your firm handle payment?
  • What drew you to personal injury as a practice area?

You’ll want your answers to sound unscripted, but you might want to keep notes about points you want to hit in the conversation.

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