Every week, you probably get a dozen or so letters addressed to “valued customer” or some variation. Think about how likely you are to respond that impersonal letter from some faceless company, and you’re probably wondering why they would even bother spending money on the postage. But people keep doing it! They’re giving you step one on what not to do for law firm marketing.

Personalization is key for effective law firm promotion

It’s incredibly important to stay in contact with former clients and potential clients through a law firm newsletter, whether it’s through email or actual physical mail. It’s a good way to stay on top of the market and stay fresh in the minds of the people you’ve made contact with. And just as important, it’s good to make sure that contact is personal.

This isn’t to say you should hand write every letter that goes out, because ideally you have too many contacts to make that feasible. However, you or someone from your staff can take a few minutes each month to write out just the names on the envelope and sign the letter, or change the addressee on an email to an actual person’s name.

Sometimes just getting a letter with your actual name is nice, and the fact that the newsletter is just information and isn’t asking for money or time and isn’t pushing legal matters makes it that much better. If your client (or potential client) had good contacts with you in the past, a nice letter will be a welcomed next step in the relationship, especially if it’s personalized.

You’re marketing to people, and they want to hire a person. Represent yourself as a person talking to a person, and you’ll be leaps and bounds beyond some faceless company with generic marketing.

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