When someone mentions making a lawyer video for your firm, you may be struck with fear of production costs. Making online videos has become so inexpensive that some computers now come fully equipped with everything you need to become the next YouTube legal sensation.

There are only 3 basic things you need for making online videos:

  • a camera
  • a computer
  • video editing software

Many computers and laptops come with internal webcams, or bundled with a moveable one. While this style is OK for an informal Q&A lawyer video, you may want to invest in a better quality handheld camera for a more professional shot.

Both Apple and Windows computers come with pre-installed software that allows for easy, user-friendly lawyer video editing. You can add text, music, and transitions without prior experience in making online videos.

You don't need to spend money on sets or props; your office is a great setting from which to reach out to your clients, because that's where you eventually want them to end up. You may want to go for a less formal setting if you're covering a lighter topic. Dress appropriate to what you want the video to accomplish: business attire for answering serious legal questions and more casual attire for less serious issues.

Making online videos are more affordable than ever as video cameras become cheaper and free online video services continue to advance. Visit my library to learn more about why lawyer videos are an important part of your online success

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