Promote Job Satisfaction and Your Staff Will Promote You

Think about when you've had a great customer experience with a business. You're much more likely to talk it up to your friends and family if you're satisfied, right? The same goes for where you work. If you're happy at your job, you tend to actively promote your employer, even when outside the confines of the office.

This is a goal I'd like you to reach within your own law firm. You should be working toward job satisfaction for all your employees, especially if you want them to be another shining example of how awesome your legal practice is. Remember that your office staff and associates are just as fundamental a part of your law firm's image as you are.

It's easy to find out how your office staff is doing in terms of job satisfaction; just ask! Pick their brain to see what parts about their job they like the best and would like to continue to improve on. Help them set up ways for them to achieve these goals, but don't just hand them solutions. Show them how to continue their professional growth and encourage them to establish relationships outside of your law firm.

This may sound like you're helping them set up to leave, and in some cases that may be true. However, there's no danger to nurturing an awesome associate that would have only good things to say about your law firm should they decide to venture off to other opportunities. You never know when a successful former associate will give you a great referral down the road.

When your law firm is not only churning out happy clients but happy associates as well, that's just another trophy in your successful law firm cabinet. Having a good image for your incoming clients is a big part of getting that next big case, and cultivating the right office staff is essential to that image. 

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