Quit Wasting Time on Lawyer Advertising That Says Nothing

If you're looking to run an ad plastered with unreasonable claims like "Settlement in 30 days or less!" and empty words like "Aggressive legal representation!" you may as well just leave a blank ad space, because you're not saying anything of use to your clients either way.

Think about other products/services that have to advertise to distinguish themselves from their competition, let's say, shampoo. All shampoo is designed to do one major thing: clean your hair. Just as a lawyer specializes in various practice areas, there are specialties for shampoos - ones that make your hair shinier, curlier, gets rid of dandruff, etc. Even so, there are at least 2-3 kinds of dandruff shampoo out there, so how does a consumer decide?

The answer is in the advertising. Bad shampoo advertising just says "look, I'm a shampoo, I get rid of dandruff." If the package says "X Brand Dandruff Shampoo" then the consumer knows what they're getting. Good advertising shows the consumer the results they'll get and tells them how the shampoo will help them. Some commercials I've seen even explain why we have dandruff and how their product remedies the issue.

Apply this to your own lawyer advertising. Rather than stating the obvious, tell your clients what they want to hear. Give them the opportunity to get more information about their case. Don't just yell at them that they need a lawyer and they should call you. Show them more details about the specific legal problem they're facing and how having you as their attorney can benefit.

Of course, you can't say all this in a single ad, so make sure they know your website or free info guide is the source for help that they need. The space you save by omitting lofty claims and cliché taglines could be spent giving your clients valuable ways to contact you and learn more. My article on lawyer advertising gone horribly wrong explains more pitfalls and remedies to them. 

At Great Legal Marketing, we focus on saying NO to ineffective traditional lawyer marketing. We seek out new strategies to market to our ideal clients in ways they'll actually respond to. So, how do you get started? Get a FREE report and CD from legal marketing guru, Ben Glass.

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