There are many ways to differentiate your practice in the marketplace. Unfortunately, very few of the positive ones are easy.


For the most part, figuring out what honestly distinguishes you from other lawyers in your jurisdiction will involve a lot of personal assessment and soul-searching. But there’s a fundamental practice you can offer your prospects and clients that will keep them coming back, and the start-up cost couldn’t be lower.


Treat the client with respect

Of course you believe you treat your clients respectfully, and you probably are: but are you doing it to an extent that will truly differentiate your firm?

  • Don’t over-promise in your ads or consultations. It both insults a prospect’s intelligence and builds impossible expectations.
  • Be upfront with the client about the process of their case and all associated costs.
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with the client about the details of their case.
  • Ensure you or someone at your firm returns all phone calls within the hour. 
  • Speak layperson. If you need to use precise legal terms, teach your client the jargon and explain why it matters.
  • Inform your client about pending deadlines; always meet them and follow up with the client to assure her deadlines have been met in a timely manner.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.


Just as you schedule return-on-investment analyses and staff performance reviews, regularly evaluate how successful you’ve been doing all the items on this list by asking your client to fill out surveys or submit testimonials.


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