Setting up a fantastic personal injury attorney website, with an extensive archive of articles, videos and other resources for your prospective clients has transitioned over the last couple decades from “a valued luxury” to “necessary for your firm’s survival.” 


You’ve built a great website, and you’re regularly updating it with useful and engaging content. Isn’t your website all the real marketing you’ll ever need?




There are personal injury prospects who have never needed legal services before. Some of them haven’t even thought of reaching out to an attorney. However, even if they aren’t typing keywords into Google, they probably have exposure to print, television, and radio ads. These prospects are just out there waiting for you to suggest where they can get help.


Healthy personal injury advertising strategies demonstrates active knowledge of the specific role each marketing activity can play in the grand scheme of getting new clients. 


If an individual has sustained a serious injury with major liability issues, or if she is having problems with an insurance provider, she needs to know that she has options.


In other words, she needs to be recruited.


Get yourself on you prospect’s radar with broadcast or print advertisements, always making sure to provide a URL. The website can then educate the prospect in more depth, ultimately inspiring a first contact.


If you’re ready to step up your firm’s image with better marketing for personal injury lawyers, the talented consultants at Great Legal Marketing are ready to take your call. Get your personal injury marketing campaign on track by calling our offices at (703) 591-9829 today.


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