Recycling Works!

I don't know how to recycle plastic and make it into something else like draperies, but I do know that recycling what we send to our herd works.  I don't mean that we recycle the very same newsletters word for word.  I'm talking about regularly sending the same kinds of helpful, informational messages to our clients.

For example, August is a great time to send postcards to your herd that have a theme of "back to school."  You could give reminders of safety - wearing seat belts and crossing streets and wearing clothes that can be seen in the dark.  You could give reminders of "now's a good time to check your insurance policy, especially if you have a new driver." 

Using the calendar (seasons, holidays) or hot topics (community concerns), or recent news items as an "excuse" to send a postcard is an easy way of finding a reason to communicate with your list.  Several years ago, I developed two postcards that have worked so well I re-send them every year.  And you know what?  No one has ever complained that they've read this already.  In fact, I hear from people who say they don't have young children or new drivers in the family, so they give the postcard to neighbors.  How cool is that!

Your clients will look forward to hearing from you just as long as you don't violate the most important rule: DON'T BE BORING!

-         Ben Glass

Ben Glass
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