I am a member of one of the Glazer Kennedy Coaching Groups.  We meet three times a year for two days of masterminding.  There are also emails and quarterly coach calls.  We spend at least one half of the time working on personal development and productivity issues.  Here are some big points from one of the last meetings:


  • Give yourself permission to say, "I am the most important person" and take your power back.

  • Figure out which of your time slots are being taken by other people's rituals and change the rituals.

  • Remember that most people in the world get paid no matter what happens and no matter what they do. We do not.  Our time is our currency.

  • Multi-tasking makes you stupid.  We allow our brains to be overloaded to the point of ‘brain fog.'  This is done by constant, unrelenting communication.

  •  ‘Famous People' will not email you back.  You can be ‘famous' now.


-         Ben Glass

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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