Setting the expectations for the services of your law firm is as simple as being clear with clients up front. They should understand how the legal process will work and when and how they can expect to communicate with their attorney. When the expectations are set in the early stages of client representation, such as through attorney marketing materials, there is far less opportunity for misunderstanding that leads to client dissatisfaction. 

What are the advantages that a law firm will receive from setting expectations through lawyer marketing?  The following is an overview:
  • Reduced likelihood of client’s feeling as though the attorney is not doing enough for their case during waiting periods when there is little or no action to be taken.
  • Less chance that the client complains if he or she receives calls or other communications from support staff rather than the assigned attorney.
  • Less stress for the attorney tied to having to return repeated client calls and messages requesting case status updates.
  • Increased job satisfaction for the lawyer, who can enjoy personal time without feeling pressured to return client messages after hours.
  • Increased satisfaction with the service provided to the client when fees are discussed up front and billing policies are clearly defined.

Setting clear expectations up front through attorney advertising helps potential clients anticipate the type of experience they will have working with your firm before even officially coming on board. The clearer the expectations, the higher the likelihood that the client will feel happy and satisfied. To learn more about law firm marketing, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.
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