Using the Internet as part of an attorney marketing campaign is essential in today’s society. Potential clients often turn first to an Internet search when in need of legal services. In order to capitalize on these searches, lawyers must maintain a quality law firm website as well as make it easily accessible. Search engine optimization techniques work to ensure that the lawyer’s online legal materials appear at the top of an Internet search result list. Title tags are an excellent opportunity to improve the law firm’s ranking on that list.

The following are seven tips for maximizing the effectiveness of title tags as part of an online legal advertising campaign:
  1. Identify the name of the law firm early in the title.
  2. Incorporate the key word phrase that is contained in the content in a genuine, not forced, manner.
  3. Use a unique title tag for every page on the website.
  4. Keep title tags to around 65 characters.
  5. Incorporate the geographic area in which the law firm practices.
  6. Avoid using generic, default title tags, such as “home page.”
  7. Summarize the unique content of the particular page for which the title tag is written.

Title tags are very important to the overall success of a law firm website and its related content. The better the title tag, the higher the content will rank on a search result list. Similarly, the higher the content ranks, the greater the likelihood that a potential client will click through to read more.

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