If you have read a number of articles on this site, you may be considering signing up for one of our Great Legal Marketing seminars. However, there is something holding you back. A fear, maybe, of getting “suckered” into another marketing tactic that doesn’t work, that will just leave you with another withdrawal from the budget and nothing to show for it.

We hear that a lot. In fact, here are three misconceptions Ben Glass often confronts about Great Legal Marketing:

1.      Everyone in the GLM community will be doing the same things. The first thing we instill in our customers is the need to be different. After all, the reason they’re there in the first place is because the typical “lawyer advertising” methods haven’t worked. There are millions of ways to stand out, meaning our customers could potentially be doing hundreds of different things to appeal to their clients.

2.      If I really knew secrets, I’d keep them to myself.” Ben recognized two things about teaching early on: that inviting smart people to share ideas will improve both life and business, and that there are far more clients out there than any one law firm could possibly handle. Therefore, an "I've got a secret and I won't share it with you" attitude doesn’t do anybody any good.

3.      It won’t work forever. An attitude of defeat is the worst mentality a business owner can have. If you truly believe that there are not enough clients to go around, that change is dangerous, and that sharing information will only hurt your business, you are never going to see any improvement. Success always depends on doing something you haven’t done before.

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Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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