Only winners need apply. Here's a live chat we received late Sunday night on Memorial Day weekend. Poor guy - nothing better to do but harass a live chat operator!

[05/26/2013 21:17:04 CDT] Angie: Hi, I am Angie. How may I assist you?
[05/26/2013 21:17:11 CDT] Visitor: Are you kidding me...LOL
[05/26/2013 21:17:21 CDT] Angie: Hello, how may I help you?
[05/26/2013 21:17:27 CDT] Visitor: Yeah
[05/26/2013 21:17:28 CDT] Visitor: sure
[05/26/2013 21:17:36 CDT] Visitor: what do you know about Dan Kennedy?
[05/26/2013 21:18:24 CDT] Visitor: Hey Angie, are you still there??? wShould I just go to the source or buy from Mr. Glass?
[05/26/2013 21:18:42 CDT] Angie: I am sorry for the delay.
[05/26/2013 21:18:47 CDT] Visitor: sure
[05/26/2013 21:18:53 CDT] Angie: Can you tell me a bit about your law practice?
[05/26/2013 21:18:56 CDT] Visitor: do you want my credit card now?
[05/26/2013 21:19:08 CDT] Visitor: should I order something from this guy?
[05/26/2013 21:19:17 CDT] Visitor: It sounds interesting
[05/26/2013 21:19:29 CDT] Angie: Ben Glass is a lawyer who specializes in conveying his knowledge about legal marketing to other lawyers. The majority of chatters will be lawyers looking for marketing advice.
[05/26/2013 21:19:53 CDT] Angie: May I know if you need marketing services for your website?
[05/26/2013 21:21:14 CDT] Visitor: sure\
[05/26/2013 21:21:24 CDT] Visitor: how much do you charge for a website?
[05/26/2013 21:21:28 CDT] Visitor: I need one
[05/26/2013 21:21:35 CDT] Visitor: I need a new one, for sure
[05/26/2013 21:21:40 CDT] Visitor: who do I call for help
[05/26/2013 21:21:50 CDT] Angie: This may not be the answer you're looking for but... pricing is variable and can depend on a few factors. One of our business development specialists would be the best person to help you with that.
[05/26/2013 21:21:57 CDT] Angie: Do you already have a website, and if so, may I know the URL?
[05/26/2013 21:22:09 CDT] Visitor: nope
[05/26/2013 21:22:11 CDT] Visitor: I need one
[05/26/2013 21:22:40 CDT] Angie: Would you mind telling me a bit about your law practice?
[05/26/2013 21:23:00 CDT] Visitor: sure what do you want to know
[05/26/2013 21:23:16 CDT] Angie: Do you mind holding for just a moment?
[05/26/2013 21:23:43 CDT] Visitor: why are you making me hold?
[05/26/2013 21:24:03 CDT] Visitor: I am going to count to 10
[05/26/2013 21:24:06 CDT] Visitor: 10
[05/26/2013 21:24:07 CDT] Visitor: 9
[05/26/2013 21:24:08 CDT] Visitor: 8
[05/26/2013 21:24:10 CDT] Visitor: 7
[05/26/2013 21:24:10 CDT] Visitor: 6
[05/26/2013 21:24:11 CDT] Visitor: 5
[05/26/2013 21:24:13 CDT] Angie: Sorry about that...the representative who is best suited to answer all of your questions is not immediately available, however, I can forward your information and have him contact you as soon as possible.
[05/26/2013 21:24:13 CDT] Visitor: 4
[05/26/2013 21:24:15 CDT] Visitor: 3
[05/26/2013 21:24:21 CDT] Angie: What would be the best number to reach you on?
[05/26/2013 21:24:41 CDT] Visitor: how about you give me a number to call now
[05/26/2013 21:24:58 CDT] Angie: I would be more than happy to forward your contact information and ask that you be contacted as soon as possible.
[05/26/2013 21:25:09 CDT] Angie: If you are more comfortable with email I could ask them to contact you that way.
[05/26/2013 21:25:16 CDT] Visitor: I will call them now
[05/26/2013 21:26:00 CDT] Visitor: what is there name and phone number
[05/26/2013 21:26:11 CDT] Visitor: hey
[05/26/2013 21:26:22 CDT] Visitor: are you there
[05/26/2013 21:26:28 CDT] Angie: You may try calling the office directly at 703.591.9829
[05/26/2013 21:26:38 CDT] Visitor: are they in NOW?
[05/26/2013 21:26:57 CDT] Angie: The firm may not be open on Monday but someone should contact you shortly either way.
[05/26/2013 21:27:10 CDT] Angie: May I know who I am speaking with?
[05/26/2013 21:27:14 CDT] Visitor: it says this is a law firm
[05/26/2013 21:27:17 CDT] Visitor: Huuuuuuu
[05/26/2013 21:27:32 CDT] Visitor: Hey, my name is Jeff
[05/26/2013 21:27:33 CDT] Angie: I mean Tha office. Sorry about that.
[05/26/2013 21:27:50 CDT] Visitor: is this guy a lawyer?
[05/26/2013 21:28:01 CDT] Visitor: or is he a part time marketing guru
[05/26/2013 21:28:13 CDT] Visitor: trying to be a lawyer
[05/26/2013 21:28:18 CDT] Visitor: can you answer that angie'
[05/26/2013 21:28:34 CDT] Angie: Ben Glass is a lawyer who will be assisting you.
[05/26/2013 21:28:34 CDT] Visitor: he looks shady to me
[05/26/2013 21:28:47 CDT] Visitor: idk about that
[05/26/2013 21:29:05 CDT] Visitor: they say that lawyers who do marketing are not real marketers
[05/26/2013 21:29:29 CDT] Visitor: there is this guy in Chicago who also does the same thig
[05/26/2013 21:29:30 CDT] Visitor: thing
[05/26/2013 21:29:50 CDT] Angie: I think the best thing to do would be for me to forward this transcript to a representativet and have them call you at their earliest opportunity with the relevant informations.
[05/26/2013 21:30:02 CDT] Visitor: why should I go to glass and not just to to Dan Kennedy himself?
[05/26/2013 21:30:30 CDT] Visitor: I have $1 million a month to invest into my law firm marketing
[05/26/2013 21:30:45 CDT] Visitor: can you answer this for me angie
[05/26/2013 21:30:46 CDT] Angie: I can understand.
[05/26/2013 21:31:01 CDT] Angie: I am sorry I may not be the best person to answer this; however, one of our representatives should definitely be able to help you.

[05/26/2013 21:31:18 CDT] Visitor: I think I am going to go to Dan Kennedy since it looks like Den is a rip off of Kennedys work
[05/26/2013 21:31:30 CDT] Visitor: Ben
[05/26/2013 21:31:40 CDT] Visitor: its obvious
[05/26/2013 21:31:43 CDT] Angie: Are you sure you would not like to leave an email or a phone number?
[05/26/2013 21:31:46 CDT] Visitor: I seen this guy Glass
[05/26/2013 21:32:15 CDT] Visitor: and the write ups on the internet about him hooking Dan's stuff as his own
[05/26/2013 21:32:21 CDT] Visitor: I think I should just go to the source
[05/26/2013 21:32:31 CDT] Angie: If you'd like, I can send you a copy of Ben's Book, Great Legal Marketing, How Smart Lawyers Think, Behave and Market to Get More Clients, Make More Money and Still Get Home in Time for Dinner for free
[05/26/2013 21:32:43 CDT] Angie: May I get your mailing address?
[05/26/2013 21:33:16 CDT] Visitor: sure
[05/26/2013 21:33:25 CDT] Visitor: Send it to Jeff _________ (Editor's Note: Last name and some of the address redacted, but we think it was fake anways. We couldn't find him anywhere online.)
[05/26/2013 21:33:39 CDT] Visitor: 1200 _______
[05/26/2013 21:33:49 CDT] Visitor: Suite ___
[05/26/2013 21:33:59 CDT] Visitor: _________, FL 32905
[05/26/2013 21:34:09 CDT] Angie: May I know who I am speaking with?
[05/26/2013 21:34:20 CDT] Visitor: I just told you
[05/26/2013 21:34:34 CDT] Angie: Do you mind if I ask your last name as well, Jeff?
[05/26/2013 21:34:44 CDT] Visitor: sure
[05/26/2013 21:34:54 CDT] Visitor: its on the screen can't you see it, angie
[05/26/2013 21:35:36 CDT] Angie: You just give your first name Jeff. Can I have also your last name?
[05/26/2013 21:35:41 CDT] Visitor: when will this book be here?
[05/26/2013 21:36:01 CDT] Visitor: its on the screen angie
[05/26/2013 21:36:09 CDT] Visitor: can't you SEE IT?Q?Q?Q?
[05/26/2013 21:36:17 CDT] Angie: I will request that you are contacted at the very earliest opportunity. It shouldn't be any later than Tuesday.
[05/26/2013 21:36:30 CDT] Visitor: perfect
[05/26/2013 21:36:56 CDT] Visitor: I will wait for it and if I don't have it before the end of the week I will simply call Dan Kennedy and buy from him
[05/26/2013 21:37:10 CDT] Angie: I will mention that. Would like also to leave your phone number and email address?
[05/26/2013 21:37:19 CDT] Visitor: how about
[05/26/2013 21:37:24 CDT] Visitor: we do this
[05/26/2013 21:38:02 CDT] Visitor: get the book from glass that will most likely be a sales letter from dan kennedy and if it sounds good I will call ben, if not I will simply call dan
[05/26/2013 21:38:23 CDT] Visitor: OK
[05/26/2013 21:38:24 CDT] Visitor: thank you
[05/26/2013 21:38:27 CDT] Visitor: have a nice day

NOTE FROM BEN: we don't think this is an attorney and it may be a jealous competitor, but let me answer his essential question - Should you read Dan or Ben?

You should read both. Dan Kennedy and I have co-authored two books and collaborated on several other projects. Winners read everything. 

You'd have to apply to become a member of ours.

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