Just when you thought you had a finger in all the social media pies, along comes one more site you’ve never heard of. While you can jump on new sharing sites as soon as they pop up, it only increases the chances that you will spread your legal web marketing campaign too thin—meaning your web presence is just going to get weaker.

For instance, you may be wondering whether it’s a good idea to create a LinkedIn profile to promote your business. The answer depends on your ability to commit to a site in a way that shows you are involved and knowledgeable—while keeping up with any changes the site makes.

In order to be successful using LinkedIn for legal marketing, you must ask yourself:

  • Can people use it to find me? There must be a space for your links to your website, videos, books and case results.
  • Does my profile look professional? Never use a social media site unless you are comfortable checking it, editing it, and responding quickly. Having no profile at all is better than having a half-done profile.
  • Is anyone finding me through this site? If you’re not converting readers into clients, the site really isn’t worth your time. Asking new clients how they heard about your firm will help you discover which outlets are the best use of your marketing resources.
  • Is there another site serving the same purpose? LinkedIn has some marked differences from Facebook, but if your contacts are identical, your business leads are just going to overlap.

Remember: there’s nothing wrong with trying something new—but don't try anything unless you’re ready to make it a complete success. To find out how to give your business a successful web marketing presence, call 703-591-9829 or download your free chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book today. 

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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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