If you are a lawyer, you should definitely use YouTube as a legal marketing tool. When web video is done well, it increases your internet visibility and allows potential clients to get to know your firm in a no pressure environment.

Why is YouTube so effective?

  1. You can introduce yourself to thousands of potential new clients at once.

  2. Many people would rather watch a video than read.

  3. People are looking for quick information. Educational and instructional videos are gaining popularity and replacing how-to articles.

  4. When you talk or give tips about a legal problem, you show potential clients that you are knowledgeable. Making a series of informative videos establishes you as an expert.

  5. Videos can help build trust. In a video, clients can see your confidence and expertise; viewers may even feel like they "know" you.

You can either purchase video equipment and software and make your videos yourself or hire a company to do it for you. There are several video production companies that specialize in web video for lawyers.

Creating a web video for lawyer marketing is not complicated, but you want to do it right. A poorly made web video can hurt your credibility and drive clients away. For tips about making your own web video, read our article, "Yes, You Can Use Web Video In Your Legal Marketing Campaign; We'll Tell You How."

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