You’ve probably seen a few of your competitors’ websites flaunting the fact that they attended Harvard or Yale. And why not? It’s a big accomplishment, and they want everyone to know it. They list their accomplishments and name-drop schools, all the while thinking the reader’s estimation of them is going up.

Guess what? It isn’t. No matter which law school you attended, you should mention it just once on your website: on your bio page, and nowhere else.

Most attorneys make the mistake of trying to sell themselves to their customers with their law school pedigrees. But the key to building a great legal webpage is to get your readers to like you. If they like you, they will hire you. Very few people are going to care where you went to school, even if it was a great university and you were first in your class. If you identify with your customers and attend to their needs, you can show them your qualifications (instead of cramming them down their throats).

If your legal marketing is working properly, your reader should be engaged and interested by your website. With each click, they like you more as a person. You acknowledged what they were going through, and you answered questions that nobody else has been able to answer. By the time they get to your bio page, they find out what they already knew: you are also incredibly qualified and well-educated. The bonus is you didn’t have to tell them, making you look like a well-rounded and humble person. Who wouldn’t want to hire an attorney who refrained from talking about himself?

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