Law firm radio advertising is an excellent tool for reaching targeted groups of potential personal injury clients. Just like with any other form of legal marketing, however, there are steps that your law firm can take to maximize the effectiveness of this mode of advertising. The following is a list of six helpful tips for gaining personal injury clients through radio ads:

  1. Invest time researching the best radio stations for your advertisements. The station should reach your law firm’s target audience within your geographic practice area.
  2. Choose a radio station that will allow you to advertise with the correct amount of frequency while staying within your legal marketing budget.
  3. Decide upon the most effective schedule for your legal advertisements to run. Radio is divided into segments, typically:
    • Morning drive
    • Midday
    • Afternoon drive
    • Evening
    • Overnight 
  4. Take advantage of any special programming or call-in shows that are relevant to personal injury clients.
  5. Investigate additional options that compliment your law firm radio advertisements. These options may include bonus ads or web links.
  6. Inquire about potential sponsorships of community events or giveaways that your radio advertising is involved in. If these events relate to your personal injury practice, they may be an excellent opportunity to increase law firm name recognition while increasing goodwill by giving back to the community.

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