If you've decided to advertise your law firm's services, you've probably realized by now that you're up against some stiff competition: not only all the other lawyers in your area who have the same specialty (personal injury, car accidents, etc.), but attorneys who make a habit of cutting ethical corners and calling this behavior “aggressive marketing.”

You probably won't need much prodding to come up with the name of a fellow attorney who does this. As a rule, hospitals don't allow lawyers to loiter in or around their premises and present their cards to people who have been injured in a fire or car accident (this is only a step above the popular image of the ambulance-chasing lawyer, which is unfortunately rooted in fact). Some lawyers also make it a habit to linger outside the waiting rooms of doctors (or, if the doctor is also ethically challenged, inside the waiting room) to press their services on likely clients.

The good news is that most lawyer advertisements are regulated by the state—that is, there are certain things you're not allowed to say in TV commercials and newspaper ads, and you have to include a fair amount of fine print. Even still, unethical lawyers may find a way to twist their language to convey unrealistic promises of multi-million-dollar settlements and “free” consultations. If state authorities, or the local bar association, isn't looking, they may even get away with making outrageous claims that flout the law.

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