You’ve developed a user-friendly, eye catching website. You’ve created fresh, engaging content that’s relevant for potential bankruptcy clients in your area. However, you still aren’t getting as many hits as you could. Why? 

The answer could be this simple: you’re thinking too much like a lawyer.

Always view your website as the mediator between your practice and the client who needs your services. In order to get and hold a client’s attention—moreover, in order to get that client to make contact—the client needs understand what you are offering. The best way to do that is to write like a client.

This boils down to one of the most basic aspects of your web marketing campaign: the language a prospective client uses to find your website through a search engine.

Key phrases are the string of keywords a client uses to search for your site on a search engine. It’s a terrible—but surprisingly common—SEO practice to select key phrases that are meaningful to other lawyers but not to potential clients, who are laypeople.

Lay people don’t speak lawyer
“Consumer bankruptcy” may be the on-the-books title of your practice area, but prospects hunting for a bankruptcy attorney in their area aren’t going to think to use such a technical term. 

While you want your key phrases diversified enough to include ideas like “Chapter 13 repayment bankruptcy,” jargon like that won’t necessarily be familiar to a prospect just beginning the research process. You also want basic and accessible strings like “filing bankruptcy in Virginia.”

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