You've spent quite a bit of money on your legal website, but you don't seem to be getting visitors. What's happening?

To understand what makes a potential client choose a website, try a quick Google search. If you are a personal injury attorney in Wichita, type "personal injury attorney Wichita" into the search box. If you are a divorce lawyer in Akron, type "divorce lawyer Akron." Chances are that Google pulls up pages of results. Who gets the click?

Most people ignore the paid listings at the top of the page and in the sidebar. They scroll down below the geographical results and start looking at listings.

Look at the black writing under the blue heading. This is the meta description. This is the only way to differentiate your law firm from thousands of other attorneys out there. Look at the meta descriptions that you pulled up. Do they all talk about experience? Does anything seem unique?

It is important to remember that most people aren't really thinking about hiring an attorney when they make that first click. They are looking for information about their situation. Offer them information they can use right away. That will bring them to your site.

This is easy to do: answer a question, mention resources, or offer a free book. It's that simple.

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