Standing Out In A Sea Of Lawyer Yellow Pages Ads

Most people consider ‘standing out' in a page of Yellow Page ads to be flashy graphics, and bold headlines. But if everyone thinks that way (and they do) then you're going to have page after page of annoying clipart and screaming text.

Then come the "bigger is better" ads - basically paper screaming matches where one lawyer gets a bigger ad than his competitor just so he's seen more. Usually these big ads don't say anything more than the smaller ones and just take up space.

So how do you stand out against giant, yelling ads with promises of no-cost and free services without becoming one of them? Be different. Not just in your ad design, but in what your ad offers.

People are looking in the Yellow Pages for information and that's what your ad should give them. Offer more than just your list of practice areas and a free consultation. Offer a copy of any books or resources you've written. Get your knowledge in their hands - that way not only do they have some answers, but now they know and trust you.

Many consumers admit they'd much rather have information available to look at on their own time, rather than having to contact a business directly
before becoming a client. Offering your informational materials to them in a way that's at their discretion, on their own request is a great way to establish the client-lawyer relationship.

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Ben Glass
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