Stay in Contact in an Interesting Way

There’s a lot that goes into obtaining the names and contact information of your prospects.  You have to create ads that attract their attention.  You need a lawyer marketing message that is compelling and prompts your prospects to contact you.  Then, you need a way to capture their information.  The next step in the process is where many attorneys go wrong – you have to follow up.

What happens to the names of people who have contacted your office either to ask a question or order your free offer?

You need to stay in contact and you need to do so in an interesting way.  Here are some ideas:

  • Send a package of information. We’re not talking about a boring package filled with brochures about your law firm.  We are talking about an envelope or box stuffed with books, reports, articles, CDs, DVDs and anything else that will impress your leads.
  • Mail newsletters.  Many lawyers have stopped sending out newsletters because they feel that it is an outdated form of advertising.  Not so! People love reading mailed newsletters, as long as the information is relevant.
  • Send postcards and seasonal cards.  These marketing touches will keep you in front of your prospects.  You should also mail birthday cards too.

The goal with your follow up campaign is to show your prospects that you are the wise man or woman on top of the mountain.  When they are ready to hire a lawyer, you are at the forefront of their minds.

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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