Stubborn Legal Marketing Success Stories

I love sharing success stories because they show that anyone with enough determination and entrepreneurial spirit can achieve great legal marketing status. Especially when I'm talking niche marketing, the more success stories I can share, the better.

This is a quick tale of success from a Virginia divorce lawyer who only handles women's claims. That's right, Charlie Hofheimer decided to ignore about 50% of his potential client market. I'm fairly certain when he announced this decision that his colleagues laughed at him. Why would you ignore half your market?

Let me tell you: it worked. Clients love to see that a business is catering specifically to THEM. Personalization is a big draw in today's world. Everyone wants to have a customized skin for their iPhone, and those novelty mugs and key chains with your child's name on them are still selling in tourist trap shops across the United States.

Commercials on TV target their audience by showing "people just like you" enjoying whatever product they're pitching. Think about the products you use; many of us use a specific brand because they're designed for people like us. Razors are a good example for this story; there are men's and women's razors. Each type is customized to work best for each gender. Men's razors work best for facial hair, and women's are designed for bikini and underarm curves.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

So Charlie did something similar, and he decided to focus on only one gender for divorce cases. He was smart, because there are tons of studies and statistics that show that - surprise, men and women handle divorce differently! Most of us can figure this out without a scientific study, and Charlie's clients know that because he only works with women, he'll have a better understanding of their needs.

Being stubborn does pay off in the long run when you're working out your niche marketing area and legal marketing plans. If you keep at it like Charlie did, you'll create a secure niche of clients that are going to know that you're the go-to lawyer for their needs, because they're the kind of client you've targeted. 

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