When a law firm or a company designs a marketing campaign, they don’t expect it to sell the company all on its own. A company can have high expectations for what the marketing can do, but that’s not the end-all be-all of a successful practice. An advertisement is designed to bring you in contact with potential clients, and after that, it’s all up to you.

When a potential client is looking around on the Internet or even the Yellow Pages, your marketing should draw him in. The advertisements are placed to get your name widely known. The purpose of your law firm promotional efforts is to invite potential clients to initiate contact through a website, phone number, or offer for a free book or informational report.

Imagine the world of online dating. Everything on there is a glimpse into what a person offers, but it’s only a glimpse. No one expects a successful marriage proposal based on one personal ad, just as a law firm shouldn’t expect to find big case contracts from a new client appearing in the mail one morning. Law firm marketing provides the opportunity to meet potential clients; converting them to actual clients is the job that requires personal attention and follow-up.

When a company or law firm realizes that advertisements simply provide an opportunity to introduce itself—rather than expecting the ad to complete the sale—it can use this new outlook to change its advertising strategy. A successful legal marketing campaign will bring the people to contact the firm, giving the firm the open window for success. Having rational expectations for marketing is important, and knowing how to sell your company after that is what makes it all work.

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