Syndication is for the Internet Too, Not Just TV

I've mentioned previously that repetition is key to a good marketing strategy. Your image as a legal guru and source of all things law-related is linked to how often you're seen. Syndication is not just a term for TV, it's also when you post your own content to other content hubs like Delicious, Boing Boing, Ezine, and even your own RSS feeds on the Internet.

The more people that read your information, the more you establish your image as a legal guru
. When Internet readers see that your blog post is linked to on multiple sites, your credibility climbs through the roof. And not only do outside links to your articles and blogs help boost traffic to your website, they also show Google that you're worth bumping up in the search rankings.

The more people that are seeing your blog posts and articles linked to on other websites, the more clicks you get to your original content. Google sees this and in turn thinks "Wow, this guy must be the guru when it comes to (insert your practice area here), let's show them off more!" Suddenly, you're popular, relevant - you've become a legal celebrity!  

Syndicating your image as a legal guru is only one part of your legal marketing machine. For more tips on establishing your new image as a lawyer-celebrity check out our article on becoming the legal guru in your world

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