Targeting Your Marketing To Your Ideal Clients

Every lawyer must want the best clients, the ones that have the big cases with the least hassles and most easygoing nature, so how are you going to appeal to them above your competition?

The first step is to target the clients you want
. Don't blanket market to hundreds of thousands of people through old methods like the Yellow Pages or newspaper ads. If you market to every sort of client, you're going to get every sort of case. Think about where your ideal client looks and lives: 

  • Do they frequent the downtown art district?
  • Are they readers of the town crier?
  • Do they share their latest vacation photos on Facebook?  

Find out where your ideal clients are and what they do and make sure you're right there with them

The next step is to give your ideal clients what they want
. You want a client that's willing to listen and put in their own time and effort into their case, just as you will. Big cases come with clients that will actually read through or watch what you send them.

Your DVDs and books are more than just giveaways; they're proof that you know what you're talking about. Even more important, they're a test for your clients to see just how serious they are about their case. If they're willing to educate themselves, you know they're willing to work well with you.

You have the right to only work with the ideal client and big cases that you want.

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