Inspecting your legal marketing ideas is essentially to maximizing the effectiveness of your strategies. Two ways to inspect the delivery of your ideas are by posing as potential clients and engaging in online chat, as well as navigating your law firm website. The following is an overview of helpful tips to guide you through this process.

Pretend to be a prospective client and engage a member of your law firm in an online chat. While doing so, evaluate the following:
  1. Whether the language that is used is appropriate and client-friendly, avoiding too much legal jargon while still appearing professional.
  2. Whether the potential client is likely to meet in person with a member of the firm as a result of the chat session.
  3. Whether the scripts that were prepared by the attorney are being used properly during the chat session.
  4. Whether the employee responded to the chat within a quick period of time.
  5. What legal marketing material led the potential client to engage in the online chat.

Pretend to be a prospective client, or ask someone else to pose as one, and explore your legal website. Evaluate the following:
  1. Is the website easy to navigate?
  2. Is it easy for visitors to pose questions?
  3. Is it easy for visitors to contact the firm?
  4. What is the overall experience and impression that the website gives its visitors?

To learn more about how you can inspect your lawyer marketing ideas to maximize their effectiveness, contact the legal marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829
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