The 6 Steps From Marketing to Sales

There's a 6-step process to get a potential client into your marketing funnel and down the spout to become a client:

Step 1 - Identify your ideal client.
Know who you are marketing to before you even develop your attorney advertising. This will save you time with clients you don't want to deal with or cases you won't take.

Step 2 - Generate leads.
The bulk of your legal marketing efforts do this - both direct advertising like Yellow Pages ads and the calls-to-action on your website. You get your client's attention here and make them want more.

Step 3 - Make them qualify.
To make sure you're getting serious clients who are willing to work with you as much as you are with them, make them prove it. This can be as simple as requiring them to fill out an information form.

Step 4 - Individual consultation.
Now that you know your potential client means serious business, invite them in to speak directly about their case. You can get a feel for the whole ordeal and know if you're willing to represent them or if you need to refer them to a colleague.

Step 5 - Proposal of work.
Show your potential client that you mean business too, through past case results, testimonials, and references to cases similar to theirs that you have worked on.

Step 6 - Seal the deal.
Once you're comfortable with them, and they are comfortable with you, it's time to put it all on paper. You've reached the "sale" part of the process and now have a new client to serve who will hopefully become a great source of good PR and future leads!

As you can see, there's a difference between sales and marketing.
My article helps differentiate the two and shows how to master both. 

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