A generation or two ago, the average lawyer had a lot more time than he does today—and would think nothing about taking a prospective client out to a fancy lunch or dinner in order to impress him with his expertise and seal the deal. This type of transaction is much less common today, because:

  • Most practicing attorneys today are completely overbooked, and don't have the time to eat out with their own families, much less prospective clients.
  • Fancy restaurants cost more than they used to, and it's not as if a sole practitioner will get reimbursed for his “business lunch.”
  • Gender roles are a lot more equal than they used to be. A lawyer's spouse will be much less understanding of a late night feeding the kids by herself, while her husband schmoozes clients.
  • Clients (at the least the more lucrative ones) are less likely to have the time to indulge in a long lunch or dinner; after all, they have to make money too.
  • Many people nowadays would prefer to “seal the deal” electronically, with a minimum of face time or logistics—getting directions to the restaurant, making reservations, etc.

It's true that the law business was more fun when you could enjoy a good meal while shooting the breeze with a prospective client. Today, we have to use other innovative law firm marketing techniques to close the sale.

At Great Legal Marketing, we understand that a modern lawyer has very little free time, and needs a more efficient way to sign up clients. Want to know what that is? Call our lawyer marketing experts at 888-791-2150 for a free consultation today!

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