The history of lawyer advertising began back in the late '70s when two ambitious lawyers in Arizona launched the first instance of legal marketing. After a bit of fighting with the state bar and Supreme Court, lawyers were allowed to advertise, thus inviting even more competition into getting that ideal client.

Lawyer advertising changes with the times, just as any form of marketing must do to keep the attention of the potential clients and consumers. Where we get our news and information has changed over the years as well, and lawyer advertising has followed this path just as most other professional services have.

Early lawyer advertising was mainly in the places where other professional services were already advertising: the Yellow Pages, billboards and other outdoor signage. Soon TV and radio commercials followed, allowing lawyers to have a face and voice beyond static pictures and text.

Now the trend is with the Internet, where you can blend traditional print media with digital enhancements to create some pretty far-reaching legal marketing methods. The Internet is tying us together whether we like it or not, and making it easier to track client information from a lawyer advertisement to our databases.

My article on the history of lawyer advertising talks about the struggles we've gone through over the years to get to the great period we now live in. Your only real limitations to legal marketing are your state bar, your budget, and your entrepreneurial spirit. 

Ben Glass
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