There are only two constants in personal injury lawyer advertising:

  • Effective attorney advertising mediums are always evolving.
  • Effective attorney advertising methods are always evolving.


Though these things have always been true, the Internet—though ultimately as transitory as anything in our experience—has had a dramatic impact on how we market in every other medium, including television.


Because of the Internet, many quality prospects want more information before they reach out. In fact, it might be more important to convey your URLs than telephone numbers, in some markets, as there will be clients who view your small law firm television spot as a bridge to your website.


While you should still emphasize the fact that you prioritize direct contact and face-to-face personal injury consultations in your television ads, consider using them as an announcement for other, education-based marketing tools instead of simple self-promotion. Highlight:

  • Your website
  • Books you’ve written
  • Detailed videos or audio you’ve produced


…And you may just find that your television ads still have some life to them.


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