The Greatest Giveaway Items Are Practical

Let's face it; we've all got a ton of logo-emblazoned pens and silly key chains lying around in our junk drawers. While yes, pens are practical, and some people still dangle key chains from their hooks, these items are more apt to land out of sight than on your client's desk.

The point of your giveaways is to provide your client with a practical item they'd use in everyday life that also has a reminder on it that you're there for their legal needs. Pens are a good low cost promotional item, but eventually you get so many of them you don't care whose logo is on it, you just need a pen.

A few of the better choices I've seen for lawyer promotional items include:

  • Tote bags - they're becoming more popular with the green movement, and have come down in cost.
  • Calendars - most people have a calendar on their desk, wall, kitchen, and they see them every day.
  • Key chains that do things - utility tools, tape measures, bottle openers. 

You should also consider your unique position as a lawyer. What do you identify yourself with? Don't be afraid to brand yourself with items particular to your practice. If you handle a lot of auto accident claims, maybe a pen-sized tire pressure checker. If you're a business law attorney, why not try branding a business card holder?

There's a lot more to consider besides choosing the right promotional item when it comes to the power of free giveaways. Check out my article to see how your logo identifies you and where to get the most impact from your promotional items. 

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