The Importance of Following-Up With Your Clients

Think about services you use in your daily life; doctors, mechanics, plumbers. You probably have them in your address book just in case you need them in a pinch. Who wants to go hunt down a new lawn care company every time their grass needs cutting?

You use the same professional services over and over because not only is it convenient, but because you don't want the hassle of finding a new company if the current one works for you.

It's the same with lawyers. Unless you didn't satisfy your client, they're going to come back to you the next time they need legal help. But for most people, hiring a lawyer isn't an annual sort of thing. It may be years between cases for a client.

In the meantime, you need to follow-up and remind them that should they or a friend need legal help, you're there. Some great, non-invasive ways to keep your name in your clients' minds are: 

  • Monthly newsletters;
  • Holiday cards;
  • Yearly calendar gifts; and
  • Relevant press releases (changes to local laws, firm news, etc.)

Even better: if you have their birthday or an anniversary date, send them a personal card! It takes 20 seconds to jot a short note and sign it, but those 20 seconds of follow-up can earn you major points with your client.

The client with a lawyer who keeps them "in the loop" with their marketing campaign is the one whose name they'll remember when their friend asks them who they use for their legal needs. There's plenty more to be said about the importance of follow-up with successful marketing campaigns

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