The Importance of Taking Notes

If you decided you were through with taking notes once you graduated law school, you're missing out on a world of opportunity. Unless you've got the greatest memory ever, you're going to want to keep a pad of paper and a pen handy pretty much all the time. Why? Because inspiration can strike anywhere and you need to be prepared!

Some of the most successful attorneys I know are constantly jotting down notes. I'm not nosey enough to question on what, I just know that somewhere around me something noteworthy is taking place. Our brains all work differently, and those of us hard-wired to succeed will find ideas in the most unlikely of places.

There's an old story about an ordinary couple who attended a motivational seminar. They sat in the front, the man listened and the woman was busy taking notes like everyone else. When asked why he wasn't taking notes, the husband replied "SHE takes the notes." A year later, she's back at the seminar alone, looking much different after a bit of cosmetic surgery and some expensive clothes and jewelry. When she was asked about the changes since the last event, she told the speaker, "I took the notes. I used the notes. I kept the notes. I got rid of the husband."

Notes are powerful, because if it was worth the effort to get your pad and pen out to write it down, it's got to serve you somehow. Even if it's not necessarily clear to you at the time how it will benefit your law practice, if something is sparked in your brain to say "PAY ATTENTION!" you should be writing it down now and finding its true purpose later.

One of the big parts of legal marketing is being innovative and creative with your new ideas and ventures. Successful attorneys know that inspiration comes from everywhere, especially in legal marketing.

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