The Importance of Your Web Content to Rank on Google

It should be a no-brainer that your website needs to have fresh, updated content added on a regular basis. Who wants to come back to the same stale articles month after month? Your clients' needs change, and your content should be one step ahead by addressing those needs.

Your content is the second biggest reason your clients come to your website (the first should be finding a way to contact and hire you). They're looking for information relevant to their case, and if your articles are talking about laws repealed 5 years ago, they're going to look elsewhere.

The biggest reason your Web content needs to be updated regularly is that search engines love new content
. They can tell when a website isn't updating. In turn, they will bump it down the page - and possibly reduce their site rankings - when it comes time to display the results of any given search.

Your goal is to have your website at the top of Google's search results pages. Once you've conquered page 1, it's harder to knock you off your throne as long as you're constantly updating your Web content. 

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