You've created a web video to market your legal practice. It's not just any video; it is creative, unique, artistic - it is the greatest legal marketing video ever. It should be a YouTube hit. But, no one is watching.

Think about your audience. What are potential clients looking for? Are they looking for a lawyer with umpteen years of practice, or are they looking for answers to their problems? I'm willing to bet that no matter what your practice area, your potential clients are looking for answers to their questions.

  • How will I pay my car crash medical bills?
  • Will I be able to keep custody of my children after a divorce?
  • Can I fight my DWI charges?
  • How can I make sure my son doesn't lose my estate if his marriage ends?
  • Is bankruptcy my only option?

Instead of focusing on your qualifications, answer the questions that your potential client has. Use these questions to create your keywords.

What are keywords? The keywords are the words that a potential client would type into a web browser in order to get the answer to their question. Keywords should include a geographic term. For example:

  • Injured in a Fairfax VA car crash
  • Custody in Pennsylvania divorce
  • Fighting Texas DWI charges

Include the keywords in the description of your video.

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