What does Twitter—a service that allows you to send 140-character “tweets” to a list of followers—have to do with social media? The answer is simple: the full power of Twitter can only be harnessed if your tweet is “retweeted” by one of your followers, and then retweeted again by one of that person's followers, and on and on again down the line.

Unretweeted tweets are like grapes that wither on the vine—they may be informative, interesting and downright hilarious, but if they don't take on a life of their own in the twittersphere they're doomed to die unnoticed.

How can you craft a tweet that's guaranteed to be retweeted by the followers of your law firm's Twitter account (who will likely only be numbered in the hundreds)? Unfortunately, there's no surefire recipe, and you have to resign yourself to the fact that most tweets will be seen only by your circle of followers (where they still may do some good, if this results in referrals to your law firm).

One strategy preferred by many lawyers is to send an opinionated tweet pertaining to a current news item; if you're lucky, this tweet may be read by a local news producer, who books you for an on-air segment where you can comment on a recent accident or controversy and promote your expertise.

One thing you should not do, needless to say, is to send out a tasteless or overly controversial tweet, which if it manages to leak out into the wider twittersphere may result in public embarrassment and the need to issue an apology!

At Great Legal Marketing, we know how difficult it can be for a busy lawyer to “tweet” properly and effectively, without unintentionally driving away clients or sending the wrong message. Questions? Contact our legal marketing consultants at 888-791-2150 to find out what we can do for you!

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