If you’ve been reading our articles, you know that your online law firm marketing is only as good as Google thinks it is. Search engine rankings are largely based on keywords, so it’s important to keep three things in mind when determining which keywords to use on your legal website:

  • Choose. The first step is to find out which words your customers are using to find your site. Any web analytics tool (or your SEO consultant) can help you with this step. Your software will tell you which words rank highest for people searching for legal services, and how often certain terms are used.
  • Combine. Now that you have your words, you can build them into targeted key phrases. Both humans and search engine spiders rely heavily on key phrases: the robots seek to index your site, using your keywords to summarize your website as a whole; humans will click on your linked keyword phrases if they are looking for the specific item the link promises. Hint: if your link says “Texas personal injury attorney,” it should send readers to your practice area page or someplace similar.
  • Change. You may think that your work is over once you have created your keyword-rich content. Unfortunately, search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so you must evaluate your search engine results on a continual basis (at least once a month is a good rule of thumb).

The good news is, your hard work with keywords is never wasted. All of your past keywords are indexed on your past blog pages and articles, making your site more relevant with each new piece of content you post.

for more ways to stay ahead of Google changes, call 888-791-2150 today or click the link on this page to download a free sample chapter of our Great Legal Marketing book.

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