The Transformation from Web Visitor Into Client

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone went to your website, loved what you had to say and decided to hire you right then and there?  While that would make life a lot easier, it generally doesn’t work that way.  There are steps that have to be taken to convert that Web visitor into an actual client (a client you want to represent).

The biggest key to the whole conversion process is having an automated follow up campaign.  Without one, all of the steps I am about to describe will be incredibly time consuming and near impossible.

Step One: Create an interesting website.  There is a difference between successful websites and ineffective websites.  A successful website offers interesting information and speaks to the conversation going through the Web visitors’ mind. An ineffective website talks on and on about how great the law firm is and does little to address the concerns of potential clients.

Step Two: Offer something for free. Develop a report, book or CD that you can offer for free on your website or in your marketing materials.  You should give this offer in exchange for your prospect’s contact information.

Step Three: Stay in constant communication. Once you have someone’s contact information, your automated marketing campaign should kick in.  You should be sending letters, emails, postcards, newsletters and other marketing touches on a regular basis.

Step Four: Get the case. Once the prospect is ready to hire a lawyer, guess whom he or she will think of first? You! 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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