The Yellow Pages Still Trying to Hang On

August 2, 2010 - Geolocation company Avantar has been focused on local search on the iPhone since 2008. Since then, they've got their hooks in SuperMedia, Citysearch and Google Local. The goal is clearly to bring geographically specific search results right to people's smartphones.

Their current improvements have focused on smartphone applications that basically act as a miniature Yellow Pages right in your pocket. No more heavy phone books, these are searchable, expandable directories of all the local businesses that choose to make a listing.

So what does this mean to your law firm? You should already be capitalizing on local searches with your Google Local listing, and hey, grabbing a free listing in The Yellow Pages' online directory doesn't hurt either. What this does is allows users to find law firms based on their geographic location.

You can even use this to your legal marketing advantage - play up the fact that you're searchable through these kinds of methods. Especially for personal injury attorneys, wouldn't it be great to say "while you're recovering from injuries, getting around can be a hassle. Instead of having to drive to a lawyer across the state, why not locate one that's right down the road?"

You'd be amazed how much your online presence can benefit from a good dose of geographically specific content. Your clients are looking for a lawyer in their area who specializes in their legal needs. When you make that local connection, you're not only convenient, you're keeping with the trend of local pride.

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