There Are Attorneys Who “Get It” and Their Businesses are Striving

We hear so much bad news everyday that it is easy to get a tainted view on the economy, on business and really, your life.  There have been recent headlines of giant law firms collapsing, 800 jobs lost in the legal industry and lawyers being sent to prison.  What about all the thousands of small law firms that have imploded all across the nation? They’re out there, but don’t make national news.

With all that being said, there are still the attorneys who seem to “get it” and don’t let bad news discourage them.  They know that there is business out there and they are implementing proven strategies to grow their practices.  Which side of the camp are you on?

The lawyers who are doing well are not afraid to get creative with their marketing.  They recognize that if they want to continue to get the cases they want, they have to focus on marketing.  That doesn’t mean they throw thousands of dollars into Yellow Pages advertising or create a website with pretty pictures and useless information.  Instead, they focus on being different and offering prospects something of value. 

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