So, you have a great big database of names, addresses, emails, and phone numbers. Everyone in the database is interested in you and your law firm

Great job! But what do you do with the information and people that you have collected? The answer is simple: build a community of people who support the brand you have developed and nurture that community.

In our last article, we listed four ways that you can nurture your “herd.” Here are three more:

  • Give your community something special. The people in your community aren’t just names on a mailing list—they are the people who help build your business and your reputation. Give them something a little extra by giving them exclusive free offers or other perks. Take it a step further by allowing them to share the deal with a friend.
  • Share the good you are doing. Some attorneys make the mistake of simply marketing to their “herd” instead of sharing news and information. Your herd loves to hear how you are involved in charities and non-profits—and how they can help.
  • Ask your community to engage with each other. In this new age, it isn’t all about talking to the people you market to and leaving it at that. With social media, you have the opportunity to encourage your community to talk with each other and connect. It’s just one more way to make them feel like they belong to something greater.

Remember: although it’s great to put effort into building your herd, it’s just as important to spend time communicating and connecting with your herd. The more that you make them feel part of a community and part of the process, the more they will want you to succeed.

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