Tweeting, liking, posting, sharing—it seems that every day there’s a new way to interact online. So should you really jump on the bandwagon every time a new social website shows up?

Maybe not. However, if that social website is Google Plus, then you should jump on with both feet.

Here are three little-known facts about attorney marketing with Google Plus:

  • All Gmail users have a Google+ page. Anyone who has a Gmail (Google Mail) account is automatically set up with a Google Plus account. Many do not realize they have one until they see the “+” badge at the top of their Google search page, or until a friend “adds” them to their own Google+ page. This is a highly effective way to assimilate users—after all, who wouldn’t accept a friend’s invitation to stay connected?
  • Google+ is directly tied to the Google search engine. This makes sense, of course, but you may not realize how important this is. With a Google plus account, you are present—and searchable—across two different Google applications (or, if you have a Gmail or YouTube account, three or four applications). 
  • Google+ can “suggest” you to others. Just like Facebook can suggest friends for you, Google+ will recommend your page to others. Google+ suggests your page to friends of your connections—so the more people you have in your circles, the more people who are likely to be exposed to your page.

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